Our Story

The reason why we created The Sustainable Recruiter is because we wanted to develop a new dimension in recruitment; understanding the real impact of your employer & employment on the planet.

We want to generate awareness in the minds of professionals about the companies that they choose to work for. Are their employers sustainable?  Do they have a positive influence on the world?

The Sustainable Recruiter offers recruitment services to organisations that are transparent about the effects that they have on the world. All our clients are involved in sustainability, to minimize the harm on the planet.


Our goal is to create a better world, through connecting sustainable clients with professionals who share a similar mindset.

The way we achieve this:

  • Connecting the sustainable clients with professionals with a sustainable mindset, for the good of the planet
  • Increase awareness of what your employment can mean to our world
  • Working with organizations that operate in the sustainable market

Want to hear more about our story? We are happy to get in touch with you; contact us here!

Annemiek Nusmeijer

Annemiek Nusmeijer

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